Return the Whores to the Temple

Return the whores to the temple, for their duty is sacred.

Chaste women retain value over time because a woman’s sensitivity for bonding with a sexual partner is diminished with each successive sexual partner. For optimal bonding potential and the best chance of a successful marriage, women, therefore, should marry their first. Marriage is encouraged because it provides a joint venture in which to pool investment, receive reciprocal investment, and encouraged early so as to maximise returns on those investments for as long a period as possible. A thorough courtship process allows one to screen for the best suitor before committing fully.

Brothers, if you love a girl marry her. If you don’t want to marry her don’t sleep with her. It may make you feel good but you make life harder for her future husband and you diminish the chances of her future married happiness. As men of your nation, you must take responsibility for that shared future. It is the cumulative reduction in her bonding potential, her market value as a wife, the whore exchanges in service to society.

By providing this transactional mechanism the whore centralises the long-term costs to society of instant sexual gratification, providing a risk management service for the institution of marriage. After being serviced by the whore the husbands return home to their wives. The unmarried women remain being courted by suitors, untouched and holding maximum value. Because their service is a supporting function of marriage whores serve the nation best when carrying out their service discreetly so as not to be held in competition with marriage.

Return the whores to the temple, for their duty is sacred.



Food is fuel not fun. Eat a wide selection of fresh fatty flesh and organs. Higher quality flesh provides higher quality nutrition. Wild or pasture fed, free-ranging and not fed grains or over medicated sources are prefered. Applies to sources of milk and eggs. Use animals fats and products as compliments. Examples: milk, butter, ghee, dripping, cheese and cream. Fermented products may assist too. Examples: kefir, sauerkraut.

Not Eating 

When not eating don’t eat. Never have the brakes on when eating. Never fill the tank when not eating. The body is effectively an information machine. Food brings metabolic noise. Fasting is like resting in silence for a time. Enjoy the silence.

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