From Bones to Spaceships

The aristocrats come to understand that the world contains mechanisms of action between its elements AND that those mechanisms of action can be exploited. The masses, through lack of ability, ignorance and as victims of deceit see meanings and mysterious ways.

Management: Improve the quality of the parent > improve the quality of the parenting > improve the quality of the children. As we’ve seen recently, the parents are self-destructing (heads of states with no kids, mass expansion of underclass, importation of foreign underclass, genetic terrorism against their own, perpetuating ignorance regarding how the world works) and the parenting has gone seriously awry. The children suffer.

The Law stands above all classes and is upheld by eugenic classes for their mutual benefit and survival intergenerationally. Higher standards of parenting must be enforced for gains all around through time. At present, the village shaman is in a lot of trouble for his short-sighted advices.

We’re back to blacksmiths from earlier: the aristocrat organises the exploitation of every available avenue of the relationship between every element in the world for return on investment for kith and kin. Discovering and exploiting those mechanisms of action, we have our prized shamans, magicians, our blacksmiths, our discoverers, advisors to the king, explaining how the damn thing (the world) works.

Our kings lived and died with our people by how well they could map and exploit the world and its elements. The totality of it, when you think about how we started with casting bones to the many technical, replicable fields that have been mapped out, tested, engineered, combined, is truly staggering. Beautifully, marvellously staggering. And you, we, have our ancestors to thank for that.

From bones to spaceships. We come from a proud culture and it has every right to be such. Now the onus on us, the heroic challenge, can we, will we, be able to say ‘See me Odin’ (Watch this (gran)dad’)? What you’ve done Curt, is bring together those who want to say Fuck yes.

A Brotherhood of Upgrades

Restore restore the brotherhoods (tribal), restore the militia (local), restore the think tanks (national), restore the monarchies (international).

Brotherhood of upgrades – look what has been achieved in the last few years here, the quality of community and info that has been discovered, presented and discussed. We’ve put in hours to digest, debate, contribute to varying (and increasingly, hopefully) degrees. We’ve come a long way. It’s great to see in myself and others how we’ve changed over the years, in our worldviews coming more in line with reality as is (Curt), debunking practices (Bill…first came across you with the takedown of meditation) in the quality of our arguments (James slaying it), and now to see the effects go further as it spreads (watch the world turn once the book is out and the advocates increase (thanks to the back and forth training on the likes of fb) worldwide. (And i’d encourage any who don’t pitch in to do so….the learning is in the back and forth for us all).

Militia – you’ve nailed this as far as I’m concerned. Decentralised, reciprocal insurance of property. A living network exchanging info and protection to self similar.

Think tanks / courtiers – though now seemingly corrupted and not spending their time working out the best way for the nation and it’s people… A pretty good investment for a nation if they could be returned to that. Get the synthesizers and measurers pushing policy based on data rather than feels. Lot of big questions to face that are simply going to escalate through time (e.g. highly reproductive invasive demographics in democracies) which require answers and action.

Monarchies – practical, judge of last resort, easier to make deals with fewer decision makers involved.

Hierarchy. The brotherhood nourishes the militia, nourishes the think tanks, nourishes the monarchy. For best results, all in that hierarchy are invested intergenerationally with skin in the game through time. Fail in that, with undue influence at any level by those without investment, we get mess and dysgenia.

The importance of getting this right cannot be ignored. At all. Not even a little bit.
Love you guys.

Return the Whores to the Temple

Return the whores to the temple, for their duty is sacred.

Chaste women retain value over time because a woman’s sensitivity to bonding with a sexual partner is diminished with each successive sexual partner. For optimal bonding potential and the best chance of a successful marriage, women, therefore, should marry their first. Marriage is encouraged because it provides a joint venture in which to pool investment, receive reciprocal investment, and encouraged early so as to maximise returns on those investments for as long a period as possible. A thorough courtship process allows one to screen for the best suitor before committing fully.

Brothers, if you love a girl marry her. If you don’t want to marry her don’t sleep with her. It may make you feel good but you make life harder for her future husband and you diminish the chances of her future married happiness. As men of your nation, you must take responsibility for that shared future. It is the cumulative reduction in her bonding potential, her market value as a wife, the whore exchanges in service to society.

By providing this transactional mechanism the whore centralises the long-term costs to society of instant sexual gratification, providing a risk management service for the institution of marriage. After being serviced by the whore the husbands return home to their wives. The unmarried women remain being courted by suitors, untouched and holding maximum value. Because their service is a supporting function of marriage whores serve the nation best when carrying out their service discreetly, outside the public space, so as not to be seen to be in competition with marriage.

However, participating in whoredom draws one away from that most important and pressing task of finding a good marriage partner. Short term profit does not last long, nor do the things one can do with that profit. A good marriage provides the most stable platform for long term investment and the creation and nurturing of a family. The continuation of your gene line is the primary task of your life and when all is said and done the most profitable: your children are you in the future.

Whoredom provides a supporting function to marriage at the cost of progressively destroying the whore via potential bonding reduction, social value reduction and horizontal gene expression. Many a protest may be raised in response along the lines of: but what if I don’t want children? The institution of marriage still provides the most stable platform for long-term happiness regardless of children, as the costs mentioned above remain, as do the benefits of mutual investment. As a consenting adult you may choose to engage in whoredom anyway, but be aware there are costs.

It seems the reminder must be given that sex before marriage is not in your long-term interest, as appealing and innocuous as it may seem, and we will be disappointed in you for damaging your long-term interests because you are precious. Everything has a cost: spend wisely. As women, you matter. For you are the gatekeepers of civilization and creators of life. For all our sakes, and especially your own, value that.



Food is fuel not fun. Eat a wide selection of fresh fatty flesh and organs. Higher quality flesh provides higher quality nutrition. Wild or pasture fed, free-ranging and not fed grains or over medicated sources are prefered. Applies to sources of milk and eggs. Use animals fats and products as compliments. Examples: milk, butter, ghee, dripping, cheese and cream. Fermented products may assist too. Examples: kefir, sauerkraut.

Not Eating 

When not eating don’t eat. Never have the brakes on when eating. Never fill the tank when not eating. The body is effectively an information machine. Food brings metabolic noise. Fasting is like resting in silence for a time. Enjoy the silence.

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